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        Vehicle Safety & Inspection Standards Online

        Vehicle Safety and Inspection Standards Online (VSIS Online) is produced by the Queen’s Printer in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch.

        The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure encourages all Vehicle Inspection Facilities to use this affordable service to ensure they comply with the law under Section 25 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulation by having the most current vehicle safety and inspection standards and related legislation such as the Motor Vehicle Act and regulations.

        This service offers:

        The new 2016 Vehicle Inspection Manual was enacted on July 1, 2016. See Compliance Circular (No. 02-16) for complete details on implementation and transition period.

        The 2016 Vehicle Inspection Manual was amended on March 1, 2018. See Notice (No. 01-18) for complete details.

        $25 Single User Annual Subscription

        Publications Available in Print

        Vehicle Inspection Manual 2016

        The manual consists of the Vehicle Inspection Guide and the Vehicle Inspection Manual. To learn more on the implementation of the new 2016 Vehicle Inspection Manual and transition period please see Compliance Circular (No. 02-16).
        (read more)

        Vehicle Safety & Inspection Standards Legislation Manual $97.42 (Binder Format)

        This manual includes the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations and other acts and regulations related to vehicle safety and inspection. You can also subscribe to our tri-annual updating service that will help you stay current on any changes to the legislation to ensure compliance.

        Vehicle Safety & Inspection Standards Legislation Manual - UPDATE (08/20) (Binder Format)

        This package includes replacement pages and flagged changes to the Vehicle Safety Inspection and Standards (VSIS) Legislation Manual. This package ensures your manual will contain all legislation changes up to August 1, 2020.


        Now Available

        Customer Service

        Tel: 250 387-6409
        Toll Free: 1 800 663-6105
        Fax: 250 387-1120
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